Poisonous Gold

Dear Reader,

Welcome to InsideCameroon.com. I am CEO, blogger, and hobbyist producer.

I have been accused several times of abandoning gold and going on to look for gold. This is true, as it is true of Cameroon as a whole.

Ours is a country full of plenty. There is no doubt huge potential and resources  which are unexploited and left to waste. In the same way I am guilty of gallivanting with immense skill and ability.

Yet this is not without reason. In my case the gold is guarded by a poisonous black snake whose presence I dread. I have left behind the gold and the snack and am seeking gold in foreign estates.

Cameroonians have for long abandoned their own gold and are seeking the same gold overseas. The exodus is massive and rising and I ponder over the reason for this. Conditions back home summarily are viewed as ‘unfavorable’ but a second question comes to mind, ‘How does that change?’

I decided to learn as much as I could about snakes so I could have enough knowledge and maturity to be able to handle a poisonous snake. Now I am closer to the gold, and good friends with the snake guard. I have understood how to handle the poison.

That is what InsideCameroon.com is all about. Harnessing our own potential within the country through a web portal that reaches out globally. Here meaningful interaction shall give wings to ideas and foster prowess. On a daily basis the team behind the scenes will unfold the curtains to reveal the cake.

I look forward to seeing more of you as the portal takes shape.


Chil Mo – CEO / IC